Monday, May 14, 2012

Notes on Portal fic recommendations…

wolveswithhats answered your question: Welcome to the Welcoming Committee.

Along with individual fics, maybe there should be a listing of authors as well, so there’s a wider catalogue than just the handful of recs?

Great idea! It’d be nice to have a big list of all of the recommended authors’ names available for browsing. I think I’ll comb through everyone’s rec lists when I receive them and pick out the author information from each so I can compile a non-character-or-pairing specific list of all of the authors. I may further categorize them by pairing, or just make a note of the characters/subjects each one focuses on, so people can find those they’re interested in more easily.

So at present the fic recommendations post will likely include (if anyone is interested in contributing them!):

  • Personal fic rec lists from individual fans (general fic recs, may include any character/pairing/subject)
  • Themed fic rec lists from individual fans (say, only Caveline, or only Factventure, etc.)
  • A directory of all the authors included in the other lists, with links to their FFnet/tumblr accounts

…and any individual can submit multiple themed rec lists if they want, or one big nonspecific one, whatever you guys want to do with it.

I’ll put out a post with more information on submitting lists in a few days!